Riviera Maya,xico
  • Kantun Chi, “Mouth of yellow stone” (in Mayan language); This is a semi-open type of cenote with an estimated depth of 1 to 12 meters.
  • Saskaleen Ha, “Transparent Water” (in the Mayan language), is one of the largest cenotes on the property, just like Kantun Chi, it is semi-open, and its depth ranges from 1 to 6 meters.
  • Uchben Ha, “Ancient Water” (in Mayan language), this cenote is exposed to the sky, near it you will find the majestic Mot Mot bird; its maximum depth is 4 meters.
  • Zacil Ha, “Clearwater” (in Mayan language), is a wonderful cave-type cenote, it has an entrance that will give you access to its incredible crystal-clear waters.
  • Zihil Ha, “Where the water is reborn” (in Mayan language), is an open cenote where you will find the rich beauty of the flora and great vegetation, which make this cenote a paradise. This cenote is not included in the 4-cenote swim package
x Kantunchi